Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Malone Fire Department

These four photographs of the Malone Fire Department are from the collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society, and were donated by Dr. M.M. Kissane in 1979.
Ca. 1890  William Devine on right  (1979.296)

1890  Frank McEnrue, Bill Metcalf, William Devine (1979.293)

In 1890, the volunteer fire department became a paid service.  The Malone Callfiremen's Association, which more closely represented a modern fire department organization, was formed in 1938.  William Devine (pictured above) became Fire Chief in 1922 and retired from the department in 1934.  ("Fire Department" Malone Sesqui-Centennial booklet, 1952. pages 14-15)

1914   Pearl Street Station (1979.292)

Original framed by Trautmann Studio, 24 Catherine St., Malone
and "Given to M.M. Kissane M.D. by Monk Earl of Malone, 1954"

From Seaver (1918), page 432:
"Malone's first fire engine was bought in 1832, and, an extremely crude contrivance, amounted to little more than a pump set in a box on wheels.  It was operated by a crank on each side, and not more than eight men could work on it at a time.  It was back-breaking business when one kept at it long.  The water had to be dumped into the box from buckets, and the stream which the pump delivered was small and feeble."

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