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Longtime service of Ballard Mill employee

1914 Newspaper Article

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From the Collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society (1968.261.1)

Letter Transcription:

"March 13-1889 - March 13-1914
Twenty-five years
Began work Whittlesey & Co hired by J.O. Ballard March 13 1889 - Mr. Ballard I wish to thank you for your advice and good will which you have done to me in the past. I was a fourteen year old boy out of six graded school wearing my father [sic] pants turn up to the [knees] and sewed with white cotton thread to hold them up when you bean to fix me out, if you remember how I looked, for I have not forgotten my feeling when you give me a pair of pants and you still have not give me up but have got me with a good home which had it not been for your good will and kindness I could not of had. With a family and a debt on my shoulders and all alone to earn I hope God will spare you and me for more years to come so I may have the pleasure of working for you for more years to come and that your health may be of the best and that you can enjoy the world with the rest and that your business may be prosperous. I remain your obedient servant
Joseph L. Yops"
1926 Newspaper Article
Photograph probably of Joseph Yops and South Pearl Street Residence

Photograph of unidentified employees of Ballard Mill
From the Collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society

(1968.234)  Photo taken Jan.8, 1932 on J.O. Ballard's birthday
Pictured:  C.L. Passino (22 years of service at Ballard Mill), Frank Boda (30 yrs), J.O. Ballard (45 yrs), Joseph T. Yops (43 yrs), H.E. Passino (30 yrs) 

Joseph Yops was one of a group of Ballard Mill employees who in 1933 again visited Capt. J.O. Ballard at his home at 150 Elm Street in Malone to wish him a happy 75th birthday. At that time, Yops had been continuously employed at the mill for 44 years.

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