Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loon Lake Railroad Station

From the collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society:

Loon Lake, after 1918
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  1. After the railroad sold it, my grandfather was the owner, so I've been told by family members. Drunken hunters burned it to the ground one year and this is now vacant land. My sister and I used to go into the building and I can still see the telegraph, pencil and ticketmaster's cap laying on the desk. The ticket window had a solid piece of mahogany counter you could see yourself in as was the benches along the walls. The old clock was still on the wall and there was a full basement filled with coal. Such a shame it had to be lost to fire but, I will always have my memories.

  2. @Anonymous - thank you for sharing your memories! We have been looking for a photo of the inside of the station and don't have one in our collection -- do you have any pics?

  3. Do you have other records on this particular RR station? I am trying to find a record that shows my grandfather's ownership at one time. This would have been sometime during the 50's. Name "Joseph Light". Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance, Loreen Light

    1. I grew up in Loon Lake, and lived at Prince Camp with my parents. I remember the Light family, and at one time was at the Merrilsville School with the two daughters, Loreen and Kathy. It was in the 50's and I well remember Loon Lake Station as my mother picked up the mail from there. I was just a little girl back then, but I believe I remember hearing my parents talking about the station being sold and when I saw your name I remembered it. So someone with the same name most likely purchased it from New York Central. Parents talk and kids listen and sometime remember it many decades later. I would suggest looking in the property records at the county seat in Malone, there might be a record of the sale to Joseph Light, there. At present I am working on a drawing of the Loon Lake Station, trying to recreate it from looking at an old photo and from memory. Good luck in your search, and it was a tragedy that the old station burned down, I remember the inside the same way you do.
      Jane Osborn, Hendersonville, TN.

    2. Wow. We went to that one room schoolhouse together? Mrs. McKillip was the teacher that covered 6 grades. Kathy now lives in Harriman TN. What a small world. Loreen, Melbourne Fl.

  4. @Loreen,
    We do not have any records of the station, unfortunately. If we come across some in private hands, though, I'll remember you!