Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flanders Elementary School Picture

From an undated newspaper clipping (assumed to be from the Malone Evening Telegram) from the 1970s:

"Attorney Frank Lawler said he believed the picture must have been of the second or third grade at Flanders School around 1914 or 1915. Flanders at that time, Frank recalled, included grades one, two, three, and five. The fourth and six (sic) grades were taught at the Bates School, which later became Notre Dame Parochial School, in Arsenal Green. .... In those days the teachers were: Grade 1, Jennie Irwin; Grade 2, Ethel French; Grade 3, Ethel Daggett and Grade 5, Freda Fayette. That was at Flanders School. Teachers at Bates School were Grade 4, Lillian Snow and Grade 6, Olive Elliott."
Front Row: Blanche Castle, Jessie Thompson, Francis Bizel, Francis Lawler, Helen Doud, Veronica Faubert, Ruth Whitehead, Helen Flynn.
Middle Row: Catherine Bizel, Catherine Wheeler, Ellsworth N. Lawrence, Henry Roy, ___, Burton Gallivan, William Norton, Thomas Rice, Carl Williamson.
Back Row: Gerald Carpenter or Kenneth Davis, Catherine Peck, Lillian Peck, __ Blair, Ernest Lavoie, Ethan Phillips, ___, Beulah Faubert.

Identification was provided by Judge Ellsworth Lawrence and Frank Lawler.


  1. I attended Notre Dame School on Arsenal Green for grades K(teacher: Mrs. Wahlrab),1,(Mrs.Wahlrab)2(Mrs Benware) and 3 (Mr. Carlson). Students during first or second grade were transferred to the new school on Spaulding Ave...now Holy Family School.
    Marc Gendron

  2. K (1961-62),1st grade(1962-63),2nd grade(1963-1964),3rd grade(1964-65). I recall grade 2 began in the old Notre Dame School on Arsenal Green(remembering the announcement by the teacher of the assassination of JFK),but the remainder of the school year was at the newly built Notre Dame School.
    Marc Gendron