Thursday, August 27, 2009

WW I Letter from Edgar Yando

Many locals who were soldiers in WWI sent letters home to Franklin County describing their experiences. The following letter, sent by Edgar Yando while stationed in France to Fred Yando of Malone in 1918, is part of the collection of the Franklin County Historical & Museum Society (2006.114):

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The letter reads, in part:

"We are about to go to the front again, and as I have a few spare min to myself, that I would drop you a line. I trust you are in good health. I'm in the very best of health myself, although the weather is very wet, raining nearly every day, but we're used to that and it doesn't bother us one bit.... Mother don't you worry one bit as I think a fellow is just as safe at the [...] as anywhere else we'll go... I don't know where [Ray]mond is or any of the other fellows [from] home I never hear from them... give my love to the little girls as well. Hoping to hear from you soon as ever, Your son, Ed."

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