Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Malone Schools in 1891

We stumbled upon this list of Malone village schools (while researching something else, naturally) in the July 3, 1891 Franklin Gazette.   It is from a report on the schools' enrollment and attendance, but it is also useful as a run-down of the school buildings throughout the village near the end of the era of neighborhood schools.  Do you recognize your ancestors in the lists of students?

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  1. All those schools? Wow! Would love to learn more! Locations...dates, students, etc!
    I will take a bit more time to read the names ...perhaps some will "jump out" at me. For instance the names: Kilburn; Plumadore, Seaver Cantwell. Paper Mill School is a new one on me!
    The Perfect Attendance roles were labeled "neither absent nor tardy" which I find interesting. Amazing what you can find...when you're not looking for it!