Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Damages for sheep killed by dogs

From the 1853-1867 Minutes and Account Book of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors (forerunner of the Board of Legislators) in the collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society (1984.118.1):

The following list appears in the minutes of November 11, 1863:

"The following claims were presented before the Board for damages to sheep killed by dogs.

Luther D. Green        Burke
William Woods            "
Henry Mallon               "
David Bush                  "
Josiah T. Barnum         " 
Sarah Percy                "
Mary Bingham             "
Mathhias Emerick        "
David Crippin              "
B.O. Neil                     "
M. Hurlbut              Constable
Francis Graves              "
Jacob Lanks                  "
Richard Cunningham      "
John L. Rogers              "
Norman Cook         Chateaugay
William A. Joslin            "
Samuel Stuart                "
E.A. Silver                    "
Jel Sunderland              "
Patrick Nolan               "
R.D. Whitehead            "
Ransom Ives                 "
B.B. Reynolds         Bombay
George Davis              "
Emery Howes             "
Edmond Cotter           "
John Burke                 "
M.H. Sanders             "
Abial Frye                  "
Nelson Wiley            Westville
David M. Freeman        "
Ira D. Martin                 "
George P. Poor             "
Edward Stinson             "
Philemon Berry              "
David Craig                   "
John Lahy                 Fort Covington
A.M. Cushman                  "
Patrick Dunovan                "
Mrs. James Summerfield    "
R.N. Cushman                   "
Cornelius O'Keefe              "
James Costelo                    "
John G. Keefe                   "
J. White                  Constable
Royal G. Hascall      Malone
Dan Avery                   "
Homer Berry           Bombay
Fisk B. Platt            Constable"

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