Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1910 Season J.O. Ballard & Co. Baseball Team

From the collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society (1968.239):

The J.O. Ballard and Co. Baseball Team
1910 Season

Back row (L-R):
O. Roda, sub; George Bradish, 2nd base; Vital Dumas, Left Field; Arthur Hickey, 3rd base; Cloophas Stone, Center Field; Nelson Desnoyers, 1st base; Archie Manson, Short Stop

Front row (L-R):
A. Girard, Right Field; Percy Jarvis, Catcher; Eddie Jarvis, Pitcher

This summer league consisted of employees of two Malone mills:  McMillan Mills and Ballard Mill.  The Ballard team took the 1910 season 4-1.

The 1910 Season:
June 25, 1910      McMillan 15/Ballard 14
July 9, 1910         McMillan 12/Ballard 13
July 16, 1910       McMillan 12/Ballard 19
August 10, 1910  McMillan 0/Ballard 4

Amateur and semi-professional baseball thrived in Northern New York for many years, as attested by this February 14, 1900 article in the Malone Farmer:

and this article about the Malone City League's 1915 season:

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