Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Malone Fish and Game Club Sign

According to an article in the April-May 1930 edition of American Game magazine, the Malone Fish and Game Club  "... adopted a new sort of posting sign on the theory that 'more flies can be caught with molasses than vinegar.'  The poster... is displayed on a number of the best trout streams in that neighborhood."

Courtesy Steven Bryan

The article continues:

"It is intended to secure a better and more fraternal feeling among visiting sportsmens [sic] and anglers.  Outside anglers are welcome provided they conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, respect the laws and the rights of land owners and observe the code of ethics of the true angler.  The Malone Fish & Game Club is an organization fourteen years old which has grown from eleven charter members to more than 1,100.   ...  It is conceded by members of the club that a great deal of the credit for the success of the organization is due to its promoter and president for many years, Fred J. Taylor, a local banker.  One of the most active of the officers or members, who devotes much time and energy to the work of the organization is its treasurer, R. F. Hale."
Photographs from the September 20, 1936 Malone Fish and Game Club clean-up of the trout ponds at Chasm Falls (courtesy Steven Bryan):

Photographs of the Malone Fish and Game Club buildings at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, ca 1930s (also courtesy Steven Bryan):

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