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Bellmont Center School District #2

From the record of minutes of the School District #2, Bellmont Center, NY 1919-1946:

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The minutes of the May 1, 1923 meeting read:
"At the annual school meeting held at the school house in district no. 2
James Seymour Sr. was elected chairman
Mrs. James Seymour clerk.
Tellers -- James Seymour Jr. and
"            Frederick Machabee.
Trustees report received and accepted
James Legacy was elected trustee
Mrs. C.D. Reid was elected collector
Motion was made and carried that $400.00 be raised to meet the years expense.  Motion was made that the trustee write to Albany to obtain the right to use the money, given the Dr. for examining the children, and use it for the children in the distgrict.
Mr. James Cromp is to deliver 15 cords of bldg wood at $2.97 per cord.  Part of which is to be delivered Jan. 1, 1924. The remainder March 1, 1924. 
James Cromp is to draw 2 cords of building wood for $2.97.
Motioned and carried that school opens for fall term not any later than September first.
Motion made and carried that school close for two weeks in the fall for potatoe [sic] digging.  
Motioned that we adjourn.  Carried.  
Mrs. James Seymour Clerk
James Seymour Chairman"
  The minutes generally deal with the election of officers, the budget, and general maintenance of the building through 1934 (which year the teacher was to receive "$22 a week if there is money enough to pay her without raising more taxes").  At the May 7, 1935 meeting, however, the following is recorded:
"A motion was made and carried that the school be closed for one year and the children carried to Malone schools if not satisfied the school can be open the next year."

No mention is made in the following two years regarding the success of this experiment.  In the May 3, 1938 minutes however, it is noted:
"Motion has been made and carried that the trustee contracts with Malone Schools for instruction of all grade pupils also provide transportation for High School pupils."

The final entry in the minutes book is from 1946: 
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 Note the entry: "... all children of school age in the District be transported to Malone Schools."

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