Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thomas Hinds Foundry

This stove in the collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society is currently on display in the House of History museum (school room exhibit):

The stove was made by the Thomas Hinds Foundry in Malone.   Thomas Hinds appears (6th from right in back row) in this photo of the Malone Foundry Co. (reorganized in 1883 as the Malone Foundry and Machine Co.). 

Prior to 1883, Hinds founded his own business, the Thomas Hinds and Co. foundry, on Catherine Street in Malone.   This ad appears in the 1883 Malone, Chateaugay and Fort Covington Directory:

It appears, from this notice in the Dec. 23, 1892 Franklin Gazette, that the business was short-lived:

The business was revived, however, by 1902, with Thomas' son John as President of the company.  According to the 1935 obituary of Katherine Barry Hinds (wife of Thomas), Thos Hinds was at one time Mayor of the Village Malone, a Civil War veteran, and died in 1908.  Born in Ireland in 1845 and emigrating to the United States in 1851, Hinds first came to Malone as a part of the Fenian army attempting to invade and capture Canada. 

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  1. I have that same stove in my house in Virginia. the Utica Comet #22