Thursday, October 1, 2009

Animal Control

From the collection of the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society (1969.717.1):

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Whereas according to a bylaw of the Town of Malone, horses, cattle, sheep and hogs are prohibited from running at large from the first day of November till the first day of April and whereas, much complaining is made by people visiting our village on account of being damaged by the above mentioned animals-- Therefore we the undersigned, do hereby agree that we will confine within our own limits our several animals -- and in neglect thereof recommend the due course -- viz in the custody of Mazuzan Esq. pound keeper. 
Malone, Nov. 24th 1840

C. Warren Downs      [George] Clark
James Ladd                Enoch Drew
Nath P. Cato              John Mazuzan
Dan'l Brown                O. Conant
Leonard Bicknell         William T. Brewster
Launston Amsden       Abijah White
F.H. Fairbanks            [Leon C.] L. Fiske
Horatio Powell            Thomas R. Powell 
                                  Salmon Clark
                                  Samuel Hyde
                                  Wm. A. Mott
                                  S.S. Clark
                                  Frederick Barnard
                                  Paul Themuski
                                  William Drew
                                  J.C. Spencer
                                  W.B. Earle
                                  Philip Schoolcroft
                                  Nathan White

(Transcribed by Helen Parker Cosgrove)

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